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Thursday, 10th December 2009
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Sushi machine to be rolled out across Japan

Food fans taking a holiday to Japan might be interested to learn that their sushi could be being made by a new sushi-making robot that has been launched by an Asian firm.

The Nigiri Maker and Maki Master, which has been made by Tokyo-based firm AUTEC, is set to be used by outlets including restaurants and catering firms, who often need to make high volumes of sushi rolls in a short amount of time, the Daily Breeze reported.

Speaking to the online news resource, general manager for AUTEC's US branch Taka Tanaka said that the machine could also help restaurants owners to cut costs.

Commenting on the new machine, the source said: "AUTEC sells seven different robots for sushi, maki and nigiri. Some of the automatic robots are boxy contraptions. Workers feed the ingredients from the top and the machines crank out the roll from an opening at the bottom."

While some may think that the word sushi refers to raw fish, the word actually means the rice used in sushi rolls - raw fish is called sashimi.

Written by Graham McPherson.

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