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Thursday, 10th December 2009
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Hello Kitty 'loved across the world'

Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty has been praised for her iconic status and timeless appeal.

Writing for South African online source Times Live, Hello Kitty fan Andrea Nagel said that the character never really ages, despite being around for some 35 years.

Hello Kitty is "beloved of children and adults alike", she said, appealing to many people with her "take me home and love me appeal".

According to the source, the character will be visiting a number of stores across South Africa this week to mark her 35th birthday.

Superfan Andrea wrote that she is excited to see "how gracefully she has aged" in her special birthday outfit of a pink and black satin dress.

Hello Kitty is one of many Sanrio creations and is a popular character across the globe and fans can collect thousands of items decorated with the cat's face.

These include everything from toasters to laptops - and fans of the character with cash to splash can also buy limited edition Hello Kitty diamond jewellery from Sanrio, including rings and necklaces.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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