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Thursday, 3rd December 2009
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Google results flag up Japanese search favourites

Search engine giant Google has released a report showing the most popular search terms around the world.

Top of the list for fastest rising words searched for in Japan was Dragon Quest IX, which is a popular video game in the country.

Second was Mieko Tanaka - who is a female Japanese politician - and third was Bing, which is the new Microsoft search engine.

Other searches which have been popular with the Japanese this year included Dump Matsumoto - a female professional wrestler who is now retired - and Zeni Geba, which is a well known Japanese manga story.

Tenth on the Japanese search list was Kamen Rider Decade, who is the main character of an Asian TV show.

Globally, the fastest rising search terms included Michael Jackson, Facebook, Twitter, Lady Gaga and Windows 7.

Terms which were fastest falling this year included Beijing 2008, Barack Obama, Amy Winehouse and Euro 2008.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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