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Tuesday, 27th July 2010
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Yahoo! Japan hints at Google team up

Yahoo! Japan, the biggest internet site in the country, could soon announce plans to team up with rival search engine giant Google in order to utilise the latter firm's technology.

In a move which steers clear from the usual deal that Yahoo! has with Microsoft, Yahoo! Japan may now start to use a search engine designed by Google and could also make use of online advertising and distribution systems which have been created by its rival.

The deal, should it go ahead, would effectively gives Yahoo! Japan and Google almost total control of the internet search sector in Japan.
However, speaking to AFP, Yahoo! Japan spokesman Toru Nagano said that nothing has yet been decided.

"We've been considering changing our search engine, and Google is one option," he commented.

Google recently announced that it its Google Apps arm, which deals with cloud computing applications, has received certification and accreditation from the US government.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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