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Kyoto City & Country

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Discover the two sides of Kyoto: a city of refined arts and culture, plus gorgeous surrounding countryside with tiny tucked-away hamlets and forests. Read more >

Kyoto is where the Japanese go to learn more about themselves. Once the capital of Japan for a thousand years, Kyoto is the epicentre of Japanese arts and tradition - including garden design, kimono textiles, ceramics and lacquerware.

The performing arts are also well-represented: Shamisen music, fan dancing and the tea ceremony are all practiced to perfection by the elegant geisha: mysterious denizens of the city's wood-panelled Gion district. Despite times of heady modernisation and globalisation, Kyoto clings stubbornly to its heritage, making this one of the best places in the country to learn exactly what makes Japan so unique. 

The name Kyoto extends beyond the city precincts to the wider prefecture, encompassing some really wonderful countryside that few visitors ever get to see. Those who do venture further afield discover picturesque cottages, bamboo groves, ancient forests and temples where festivals play out exactly as they have done for centuries.

On this itinerary you'll be accompanied by an extremely knowledgeable guide who'll show you the very best Kyoto has to offer - both within the city boundaries and in its rural environs. In the city you'll stay at one of Japan's top luxury hotels, while in the small village of Miyama you'll have a contrasting experience as you stay in a tiny traditional inn with just four guest rooms, tucked amid the misty cedar forest. No TV, no WiFi, just excellent, elegant service epitomising the Japanese concept of omotenashi: selfless hospitality.

Our Exclusive Private Journeys are bespoke deluxe itineraries that we can tailor in any way to suit your exact specifications. This Kyoto module is designed to inspire you with its carefully thought-out set of experiences and accommodation, but the final itinerary is entirely up to you. Why not take a look at some of our other Exclusive Private Journeys and combine a few?

Trip Highlights

  • Eat at Kyoto's finest restaurants including the Yoshikawa tempura restaurant
  • Meditate under the tutelage of a head priest
  • Head into the unspoilt villages of Ohara and Miyama
  • Enjoy a private audience with a geisha
  • Meet local craftspeople, skilled artisans, carpenters and ceramics experts
  • Experience the best of Japanese hospitality at a ryokan retreat

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Kyoto City & Country - 5 Days

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