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Saturday, 16th April 2016

Kyushu Earthquakes Update

The Kumamoto region on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu continues to see sizeable earthquakes, as reported across international media.

Although April is a peak travel season for Japan, InsideJapan Tours has only a small number of customers in Kyushu itself,  none of whom are close to the earthquake epicentre in Kumamoto.   All are safe and well.

The Japan specialist's operations team on the ground is in contact with all customers in Kyushu and is keeping them updated on the evolving situation. The earthquake has caused transport disruption in parts of Kyushu which will affect the small number of clients in the area, but ground staff are currently working on solutions for the few who are affected.

InsideJapan's team is also in contact with customers with plans to head to the region over the next week and is rerouting them away from the affected areas where necessary. The vast majority of InsideJapan's customers are in mainland Honshu and are thus completely unaffected by the events in Kyushu.

The InsideJapan teams in the UK and the US remain in close contact with the operations team on the ground in Japan and continue to monitor the situation closely.

InsideJapan Tours' Co-Director, Alastair Donnelly, says: "We are of course very relieved that the few clients we have travelling in this area are safe and sound. Our operations team in Nagoya is doing a great job of supporting our clients on the ground and our UK and US offices are available to answer any questions customers may have about their upcoming trips.

"My thoughts and those of the whole team are with the Japanese people and their families who are caught up in this natural disaster."

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