Solo Traveller

While solo travel can seem daunting, the most rewarding travel experiences take you outside of your comfort zone. Until you've trailed your suitcase or hoicked up your rucksack alone as a solo traveller - looking up as you leave the airport, rather than at your companion - you can't fully appreciate how liberating it can be.

Out and about, you soon realise that travelling alone makes you more approachable and open to conversations with strangers (new friends). Put the world to rights with people from different backgrounds - you might even have a new pen pal at the end of it.

Being a solo traveller is also good for the soul; it is often said that you learn more about yourself when travelling alone by setting your own pace, trying new things and instigating conversations that you'd never normally have. You might also find yourself having the most fun! As a solo traveller, you are more likely to be invited along than if you were in a couple or amongst friends.

So, are there any downsides? A frequent (and valid) concern for people interested in travelling alone is safety. Luckily, as one of the safest places in the world, Japan is the perfect option for a first-time solo traveller. Solo travel as part of a small group tour is also a great way to have the freedom of travelling alone with the perks of being in a group with a tour leader.

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