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Thursday, 12th November 2009
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Japan boasts 'eye-catching' works of barcode art

A Japanese design company is making life more interesting for shoppers in the country by designing interesting barcodes.

D-Barcode has been designing barcodes for four years and works include a barcode that is made to look like a city skyline, one which resembles a track with a train travelling along it and a wind farm complete with wind turbines.

Another uses the barcode stripes to make a place mat, with a dinner plate and spoon also featured, while another is a fairytale castle with turrets and flags.

An umbrella is featured on another one of the company's designs, with the strips of the code meant to represent rain.

Well-known brands which use the firm's interesting barcodes include car maker Ford and a number of big tea and noodle manufacturers in the Japan.

Blogging on Dvice, one writer said: "Japan is the undisputed king when it comes to eye-catching design in packaging and these barcodes are an extension of that."

Written by Helen Montag.