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Wednesday, 11th November 2009
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Japan ruling party 'losing favour'

The ruling party of Japan is losing favour with voters in the country, less then two months after being elected to power, it has been reported.

The Democratic Party of Japan, which is run by Yukio Hatoyama, enjoyed a landslide victory in the last general election and broke the almost-constant rule by the Liberal Democrat Party seen in the country since the end of the second world war.

However, Japan's ongoing struggle with the global economic downturn and its own recession have seen the party lose favour with the public.

As part of the campaign to get into office, the party pledged to invest in the country's healthcare system, schooling and other social programs - but debt levels could now make it hard for the government to follow through with these promises.

According to an opinion poll, the government has lost eight percentage points in its support levels.

Meanwhile, this week, US president Barack Obama is set to visit the country.

Written by Graham McPherson.