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Tuesday, 10th November 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

"Gadget-obsessed" Japanese have unique mobile phones

Many Japanese mobile phones are heavily loaded with gadgets and will probably never be sold in the West, it has been noted.

The Telegraph commented that in terms of high-tech phones, Japan has often led the way in producing ultra-high-technology models and mobile phone manufacturers in the country "recoiled in horror" when the Apple iPhone topped sales lists in the nation.

Now, firms have "hit back" with a wave of mobile phones packed with gadgets, the newspaper noted.

Phones in Japan allow users to pay for train travel, purchases in shops and people can also swap details via infra-red business cards.

"In Japan, going shopping for a good phone is like walking into the future. You may have thought that getting Google Maps on your phone was exciting, but that is old news here," the newspaper said.

Japan is famous for being a step ahead of the pack in technology terms.

Written by Mark Smith.