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Monday, 5th January 2009
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Bluefin tuna bought fetches '8-year high' price

Tuna has soared to an eight-year high on the first day of auction trading in Tokyo, confirming the growing demand for the fish.

At Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (also known locally as Tsukiji Market), a bluefin tuna weighing more than 128 kilograms was sold for 9.63 million yen (£71,094).

The tuna was purchased by the owner of a Hong Kong sushi bar, who also paid the highest price for fish at the first auction of 2008, reports the Associated Press.

One trader at the market is quoted as saying: "A choppy, wintry sea late last year caused a drop in shipments from Oma, so buyers vied to bid up their prices."

The Asahi Shimbun reports that tuna farming is expected to increase in 2009.

Industry insiders believe this year's hall could be twice as much as two years ago.

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