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Tuesday, 6th January 2009
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Kushimoto Fire Festival to take place this month

The pyrotechnical extravaganza that is the Kushimoto Fire Festival will be taking place on January 25th.

Between 16:30 and 18:30, the ritual burning of grassy land in front of the Shiono Misaki Watchtower will occur.

Some of the brave spectators will endeavour to walk through the fire as it burns its way across the field, reports

The fire itself is lit by burning arrows fired by archers.

Among the other highlights of the festival are Turkish folk dancing the serving of flying fish miso soup, steamed rice and sweet potato cakes.

One of Japan's most fertile areas for fishing, Shiano Misako is the southernmost cape of Wakayama.

The coastal town of Kushimoto is surrounded on both sides by the Pacific Ocean.

Among the areas that may be of interest to tourists visiting the area are the Hashigui Beach, the Koza Coastal Scenic Area, the Okyoro Art Museum and Shiono-Misaki Lighthouse.

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