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Thursday, 5th November 2009
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Japanese FM meets US aide

The Japanese foreign minister Katsuya Okada has met with the US assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs Kurt Campbell today (November 5th).

Campbell and Okada met to talk about the ongoing issues with US troops being stationed in Japan, after the country's new prime minister stated that he wished to reduce the Japanese reliance on the American military.

Currently, the two countries have the Status of Forces Agreement, under which US troops are stationed on Japan's southern prefecture Okinawa.

The visit comes ahead of a planned trip to Japan by US president Barack Obama and the day after the Japanese prime minster announced he is to cancel a visit to US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at a news conference, Campbell said: "The president is very much looking forward to his visit to Japan next week I think we are extraordinarily pleased with the preparations."

He said that the US is "fully committed" to relations with Japan.

Written by Mark Smith.

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