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Tuesday, 20th October 2009
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Astro Boy set to appear on iPhones

Japanese manga comic Astro Boy is to be launched on iPhones and iPods in the US, it has been announced.

According to Tezuka Productions and D-Arc, the Weekly Astro Boy Magazine, which is published in English, could be available from as early as the end of this month, reported AFP.

Astro Boy was devised in the 1950s by Tezuka and features a robotic boy which was built by Japanese scientist Tenma, who lives in Metro City, to replace his deceased son.

This weekend, a computer animation of the character was released for iPhone and iPod Touch users in the US and China.

The first edition of the Astro Boy magazine will be free and then after that will be priced at 99 cents, said the companies.

Recent figures from iPod producer Apple showed that its revenue grew by 36 per cent in Japan during the fourth business quarter.

Written by Mark Smith.

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