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Friday, 9th October 2009
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Japan and South Korea agree on North Korea steps

Japan and South Korea have come to an agreement over the steps they will take over North Korea's continued involvement in the development of nuclear weapons.

In talks, Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama and South Korea leader Lee Myung Bak agreed that existing sanctions on North Korea should stay in place until the country agrees to once again engage in discussion over its nuclear program.

Recently, leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il said that the country is willing to return to the six nation talks which have been taking place between Japan, South Korea, China, the US and Russia.

The Japanese, Chinese and South Korean leaders are set to meet tomorrow (10th October) in Beijing.

Earlier this year, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on loans and money transfers to North Korea after it pulled out of nuclear talks.

As well as this, the country was subject to increased inspection of its cargo ships to check for material which could be used to develop nuclear weapons.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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