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Friday, 9th October 2009
In Japan Travel News,

Japanese astronauts 'enjoy on-board feasts'

Japanese astronauts on the International Space Station can enjoy a number of their favourite dishes, even if they are a long way from home.

News source Asia Times Online detailed the wide variety of food which is available to astronauts aboard the ISS - and with 29 different Japanese food products on offer, astronauts missing the native food of home could be spoilt for choice.

According to the website, Japanese astronauts can pick from food including white rice, rice with red azuki beans, green vegetables, rice porridge and a number of condiments including tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and vegetable sauce.

"Japanese noodles, salmon and steamed rice with chopsticks were a big hit aboard the space shuttle Endeavour last year," noted the site.

Earlier this year, reported that Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata missed sushi the most when he was aboard the Endeavour space shuttle.

He also told the source that he was craving cold noodles on his return to Earth.

Written by Mark Smith.