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Thursday, 24th September 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Sony showcases new controller

Japanese gaming firm Sony has shown its new motion controller at the Tokyo Games Show.

The as-yet-unnamed controller will hit the market in spring 2010, the firm said, promising that it will "deliver a whole new entertainment experience" on the Playstation.

The new controller is designed to be used alongside the PlayStation Eye, which Sony claimed can track and recognise the facial features of a gamer's face and voice, as well as the movement of their body.

As well as revealing details of the new motion controller, Sony released a list of gaming titles - all set to hit the market in 2010 - that gaming fans will be able to use the new gadget with.

These included Ape Escape, Champions of Time, Motion Party, High Velocity Bowling, Eccentric Slider and Echochrome 2, which will all have both motion controller dedicated and compatible releases.

Pictures of the controller published on gaming blog Joystiq show a gadget similar in shape to the controllers used on the Nintendo Wii, with the Guardian noting that the item is set to "glow different colours".

Written by Mark Smith.

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