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Wednesday, 9th September 2009
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Final Fantasy launch date revealed

The next instalment of the popular video game series Final Fantasy will be released in Japan shortly before Christmas, it has been announced.

Yesterday (September 8th), Square Enix told journalists at a press conference that the Final Fantasy XIII game, with the character of Lightning as the main role, will be available in Japanese stores from December 17th.

The game will at first be available exclusively for play on the Sony Playstation, the conference attendees were told, with the plot of the game set in the city of Cocoon and the world of Pulse.

It is as yet unknown when the game will be given a worldwide release, but some reports suggested that it could be at least Spring 2010.

Final Fantasy is one of the best known video game franchises to ever be created and began back in 1987.

The franchise has spawned various spin-offs to the games, including Hollywood films and manga novels.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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