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Tuesday, 1st September 2009
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Rival party sweeps to victory in Japan

Japan will be ruled by the Democratic Party of Japan for only the second time since World War II after the party secured landslide victory in this weekend's election.

Voters went to the polls on Sunday (August 30th), with the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan Yukio Hatoyama now the country's new leader after his party won 308 out of 480 seats in the lower hours of the Japanese government.

Speaking to assembled journalists following his victory, Hatoyama said: "At long last, we are able to move politics - to create a new kind of politics that will fulfil the expectations of the people."

The election victory saw the current president Taro Aso resign as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, which has been in power almost constantly in Japan since 1955.

Once he makes the transition to prime minister of Japan, Hatoyama will face the task of trying to improve the state of Japanese economy, which is still in bad shape following a year-long recession in the country.

Written by Kimberley Homer.