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Friday, 24th July 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Fukuoka has 'vibrant underground scene'

The Japanese city of Fukuoka has a "multicoloured underground arts movement" which features artists, musicians and designers, a writer claims.

According to Guardian writer Alex Hoban, the city appears just like a normal Japanese city on the surface, but if visitors "turn a few corners" they may find themselves experiencing something exciting and out of the norm.

Talking to the writer, DJ and producer Shiho the Purplehaze, who is at the centre of the Fukuoka arts scene, says he wants to "free people's minds".

Mr Hoban visits the musician at the headquarters of Oilworks, a music and graphic design haunt which is the brainchild of brothers Olive and Popy Oil.

They tell the writer that in the city, people do not go out just to dance and get drunk, but to see artists at work, making it different from other areas of Japan.

Fukuoka is located on the third-largest island of Japan, Kyushu.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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