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Wednesday, 10th June 2009
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Japan targets 15% CO2 reduction by 2020

Japan hopes to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent from 2005 levels over the next 11 years.

Prime minister Taro Aso made the announcement at a press conference today and described this target as "ambitious".

The target equates to an eight per cent cut from emissions levels of 1990, the starting point for targets set under the Kyoto Protocol.

"We are all responsible for stopping climate change," Mr Aso is quoted by the New York Times as saying.

He added that sacrifices will have to be made by the Japanese people. "That is the cost of saving our planet," the prime minister said.

However, some campaign groups and environmentalists have slammed the targets as lacking in ambition.

Kim Carstensen of environment group WWF described the plans outlined by the Japanese prime minister as "appalling".

Matthew Clarke, associate professor at the School of International and Political Studies at Melbourne's Deakin University, said the commitment to cutting emissions should be stronger.

He told Reuters: "What Japan proposes is going to have a major impact, because it is one of the major developed countries."

Written by Susan Ballion