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Friday, 22nd May 2009
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Record breaker aims for space

A Japanese engineer who broke the world record for the longest flight of a paper aeroplane wants to take his passion to another whole level.

Takuo Toda, chairman of the Japanese Origami Airplane Association, entered the record books when his plane stayed aloft for 27.9 seconds in Hiroshima Prefecture.

However, he told the Telegraph his next step is to launch a paper plane from space.

"If it is proven that a paper plane can re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and glide back down safely then the scientific community could gain very valuable data about aerodynamics," Mr Toda commented.

He believes that if successful, the information could be used to improve spacecraft design in the future.

The Japan Times Online said Mr Toda, 52, broke the 11-year-old paper plane record when his creation stayed in the air for three seconds longer than the previous best time, achieved in the USA in 1998.

Ken Blackburn set the previous record in Atlanta, Georgia, on his tenth official throw.

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