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Tuesday, 19th May 2009
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Ura-Nihon "a hitchhiker's paradise"

The area of Japan known as Ura-Nihon is a "hitchhiker's paradise" and perfect for those who like meeting new people, one travel writer states.

Tottori, Shimane and Yamaguchi are ideal for travellers looking to try other forms of transport than the Japanese rail and bus services, meet local people and experience rural Japan, says Perrin Lindelauf in the Japan Times.

A backpack, thumbs and sense of adventure are all that is needed for those looking to hitch a ride, he continues.

Male hitchhiking foreigners should appear clean and respectable, while women should dress conservatively in order to increase their chances of being picked up, the commentator suggests.

"A slightly lost-looking foreign traveller standing on the side of the road in a region totally devoid of non-Japanese is both extremely interesting and cause for concern," he states, adding that being picked up is likely to come out of "compassion or fascination".

Writing for Japan Visitor, Joe Sinclair also highlights the positive aspects of hitchhiking in Japan, pointing out that travellers can expect to catch a lift within 15 minutes.

Written by Mike Cotgreave.

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