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Thursday, 30th April 2009
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A festival of fire in Shingu

Visitors to Japan will be able to experience a spectacular fire festival in July.

The Nachi-no-Hi-Matsuri, or Nachi-Ogi-Matsuri, which takes place in Shingu under the Nachi waterfall, involves 12 moveable shrines, or mikoshi, being purified in flames.

Whatsonwhen explains that the mikoshi are taken to some stone steps under the waterfall, before torches are set alight and carried in circles.

The festival, which takes place on July 14th, also requires the mikoshi to be covered with mirrors and gold.

Prior to this, there will also be the Sendai Aoba Festival.

This two-day annual festival will take place on May 16 and 17 in Sendai.

Free to enter, it is a tribute to Lord Date Masamune.

According to the website, there are generally about 670,000 people watching the event, which hosts activities such as Sparrow dancers with banners and fans and the yamaboko float moving through the area.

The Sendai Aoba Festival is known to be brightly coloured, as people wear costumes such as samurai outfits.

Written by Susan Ballion