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Tuesday, 21st April 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Get a frosty reception at the Absolut Icebar Tokyo

Visitors to Tokyo who find themselves in need of somewhere to go and chill out with a cool beverage may want to head for the Absolut Icebar.

The concept of the bar originated in Stockholm and has spread to London and Milan, though the venue in Tokyo is the first of its kind outside Europe, reports Whatsonwhen.

Everything inside the bar, from the stools to the glasses, is made of Swedish ice - and the internal atmosphere is kept a constant minus five degrees Celsius.

Visitor slots are restricted to 45 minutes and the cover price includes an individual ice glass and the first vodka or non-alcoholic cocktail, in addition to a cape and gloves to stop customers becoming frozen to their surroundings.

Meanwhile, the Park Hyatt Tokyo's New York Bar, which was featured in the movie Lost in Translation, may be more to the tastes of those who prefer live jazz and Hollywood glamour.

Written by Mike Cotgreave