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Monday, 16th March 2009
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Japanese-style chocolates 'a hit' in the UK

Chocolates made using traditional Japanese ingredients are proving to be a big hit in the UK, it has emerged.

Over the last five years, experimental chefs William and Suzue Curley have been combining chocolate and various Japanese foods to create culinary treats.

The finished products then go on sale at their patisserie in the Richmond area of south-west London, reports the Japan Times.

Among the creations is an apricot pate de fruit combined with some wasabi ganache and filled with chocolate cream.

Mrs Curley told the newspaper: "We had lots of ingredients around us and they are not necessarily always for use in savoury dishes. We tried some and they worked well with chocolate."

Last Saturday (March 14th) saw the Japanese celebration of White Day, in which men give chocolates as gifts to women.

Traditionally, only men receive such gifts on Valentine's Day in Japan and they return the favour on White Day.

Written by Mike Cotgreave

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