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Friday, 13th March 2009
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Ishikawa 'ready to bounce back' in PGA Tour debut

Japan's teenage golf sensation Ryo Ishikawa said he is ready to bounce back from an unspectacular start to his US PGA Tour debut.

Before leaving for the US, Ishikawa commented: "I want to play for the full four days at each of the three tournaments.

"I really want to work my head off so that I can grab more than four birdies in each of the 12 rounds."

Speaking to reporters, he said his golf will become more stable if he works on quality iron shots.

He commented: "I feel more comfortable than the last time, mentally rather than technically. I have less fear."

In his native Japan, Ishikawa is popularly known as the Bashful Prince because of his shyness before the media.

Born in 1991, he because a professional golfer last year and has scored three professional wins since then.

The teenager has helped to breathe new life into the game in Japan, becoming a celebrity in 2007 after winning the KSB Cup, reports the AFP news agency.

Written by Mark Smith