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Friday, 10th October 2008
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A look at the Tokyo Game Show

All eyes with an interest in gaming have been glued on the goings on at the Tokyo Game Show this week, where some mouth-watering developments have been unveiled.

Perhaps the biggest talking point was the showcasing of a new game that the player controls with their mind.

Developed for the PC platform by Japanese publisher Square Enix and American hardware manufacturer NeuroSky, Judecca will not be available to gamers anytime soon, but nevertheless proved an exciting concept.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony were both on hand to reveal their latest developments.

Certainly at a more marketable stage than Judecca, the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been repackaged with more powerful hard drives.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has already hit the market with an extra 40 gigabytes of power, while Sony's offering will soon have its power doubled to a considerable 80 gigabytes.

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