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Monday, 13th October 2008
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Japan PM's popularity falls

Public backing for the newly installed Japanese prime minister Taro Aso has fallen to 46 per cent, a new opinion poll published today (October 13th) has found.

The results show that the popularity of Mr Aso's government has dropped by four percentage points since he became the country's new premier.

Mr Aso has until September 2009 to call snap elections, as many commentators have speculated he will do. His low polling figures suggest he is now less likely to initiate an election he could lose.

The Yomiuri opinion poll also found that an overwhelming majority (70 per cent) of those surveyed believe an economic stimulus package is a greater priority over any parliamentary elections.

Mr Aso was confirmed as Japan's premier in a leadership election following the resignation of Yasuo Fukuda.

In related news, Mr Aso is due to meet with Chinese president Hu Jintao on October 23rd, reports the Japan Times.