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Wednesday, 11th February 2009
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Sanyo to build new solar cell plant

Japanese electricals company Sanyo has announced it will invest ten billion yen (£77,000,000) in a new solar cell plant in Osaka Prefecture.

Industry sources said the firm was making the move in response to an increase in global demand for renewable energy.

The plant will be constructed near an existing solar cell plant in Nishikinohama and will produce cells that are more efficient at converting sunlight into energy, reports the Japan Times.

Demand for new solar cells is strongest in Europe where new schemes have been introduced to buy surplus electricty generated by solar cells.

Sanyo plans to boost solar cell production capacity from 340 megawatts to 600 megawatts by 2010.

Recently, Japan's prime minister Taro Aso called for a "Green New Deal" to combat the twin threats of climate change and the economic downturn.

The country has already pledged to cut carbon emissions by up to 80 per cent by 2050.

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