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Thursday, 22nd January 2009
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Celebrate Buddha's birthday in April

Temples throughout Japan are likely to be packed on April 8th this year as Buddhists celebrate the date on which Buddha is said to have been born.

Processions will be held in many towns and cities across the country and sweet tea will be poured on the heads of Buddha statues, as tradition dictates.

Children will be dressed in their kimonos and chanting incantations while walking next to beautifully decorated floats.

According to legend, Buddha came into the world in the garden of Lumbini in Nepal.

Following his birth, he is believed to have taken seven steps, with a lotus blossom appearing in each of his footprints.

"I am alone in heaven and on earth," he then said, before being baptised with pure water by nine dragons from heaven.

In February, Buddhists will usher in spring at the Senso-ji Temple by throwing soybeans and chanting "Fortune in! Devils out!"

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