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Monday, 3rd March 2008
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44-year-old woman 'Japan's oldest pro-boxer'

A 44-year-old woman in Japan has become the country's oldest professional boxer.

After taking up the sport in 2001, Kazumi Izaki was granted permission for a boxing licence, despite the maximum eligible age under the guidelines of the Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) being 32.

Previously, the title of Japan's oldest professional boxer was held by Hiroaki Yokota.

"This is first time she has held a JBC license and she is now Japan's oldest pro boxer," a representative from the JBC told Reuters.

"She has passed."

Ms Kazumi, who was awarded the licence on the grounds that she has previously won a Japanese boxing title, will turn 45 during this week.

Mr Hiroaki, who is now 46, opted not to renew his boxing licence.

Thought to have originated in Great Britain and ancient Greece, the sport of boxing is also known as pugilism.