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Tuesday, 23rd September 2008
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Japanese camper vans sales surge

A rise in the number of people hitting the road in Japan for fun and adventures has led to a surge in sales of a miniature camper van.

Over 150 orders for the Tentmushi (tent beetle) have been received, while there is currently a waiting list of around six months for new campers, reports the Asahi Shimbun.

The vehicle is made from a mini truck with 660cc-engine, equipped with seating, kitchen facilities, a gas tank, bunk beds and an expandable roof.

Kimio Mikamki, president of Vanshop Mikami in Kagoshima, commented: "I still have a lot of ideas to develop even better cars, and we will continue to make them a reality in order to produce more attractive small campers."

Environmentally conscious motorists thinking of investing in a Japanese truck might want to consider the Isuzu SiTEC series. Business Spectator reports that the vehicle emits around one-sixth the harmful exhaust fumes as other comparable Japanese models.