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Wednesday, 2nd April 2008
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Chinese documentary receives snub in Japan

A new film by Chinese director Li Ying will now not be screened across a number of cinemas in Japan.

Entitled Yasukuni, the documentary about the controversial Japanese shrine with the same name was due to be shown by a total of five cinemas, but has since been cancelled amid claims that the film is both anti-Japanese and could lead to public disturbances.

During the making of the film, finance was received in the form of a grant from the Japan Arts Council for a total of ¥7.5 million.

"We feel angered that screenings have been cancelled. It is endangerment of free speech and expression," said a representative from Argo Pictures, the distributor of the film.

A representative of Humax Cinema added: "We had phone calls requesting cancellation of the screenings and there were protests in the surrounding area."

The distributor has confirmed it is looking for venues to screen the film in Tokyo.

Although the origins of the shrine go back to 1869, the Yasukuni Shrine did not take its current name until 1879.

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