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Wednesday, 2nd April 2008
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Japanese researchers develop new anti-clotting antibody

A group of researchers in Japan have developed a new antibody which can be used as an agent for the prevention of blood clots.

Developed at the University of Shiga Prefecture by Professor Hiroshi Takayama, it is possible that the new antibody could cause fewer side effects than the methods currently being used, reports Mainichi Daily News.

"If we put the antibody to use, we may be able to produce a medicine to prevent blood clots without side effects," said Professor Takayama.

In addition to strokes, blood clots can be responsible for a number of conditions, including pulmonary thromboembolism, a condition which leads to a blockage in an artery in the lung, according to Dr Trisha Macnair, speaking in a report by the BBC.

Moreover, should a clot grow in size to the point that it results in the blocking of a vein, such an event results in a condition known as deep vein thrombosis.