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Thursday, 17th November 2016
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Shinzo Abe will be first foreign leader to meet Trump

The prime minister of Japan is set to be the first foreign leader to meet president-elect of the US, Donald Trump, since he won the election a week ago.

Travelling to New York, Shinzo Abe has said he wishes to build trust with the US, which is Japan’s biggest ally.

He added that working together for prosperity and world peace is of the highest importance, amid fears about the direction the US’ foreign policy might take under Trump leadership.

In return, the president-elect has already stated that he believes Japan should pay more to continue the presence of US military on its soil.

It has become clear that Trump does not support a major trade deal that President Obama agreed with Japan and a number of other nations within the Pacific Rim.

The US helped Japan rebuild its economy at the end of World War Two and the countries have remained significant allies ever since.

Mr Abe is on his way to an Asia-Pacific trade summit being held in Peru, but has reorganised his schedule to stop off in New York and meet the next leader of the US.

The exact details of the meeting, such as where it is to be held and what will be discussed, have not yet been released, but it will take place today (November 17th).

Since winning the election, a number of commentators have observed that much of the strident rhetoric that Trump adopted before the vote has fallen by the wayside.

It is still unclear, however, how post-war US policy in Asia will fair under a Trump administration.

Tetsuya Otsuru, a senior foreign ministry official, said: "We want to safeguard our alliance with the United States during the transition."