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Wednesday, 20th July 2016
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New hot springs resort opens in Tokyo

A traditional hot springs resort known as a ryokan has opened in the Tokyo district of Otemachi, bringing a level of luxury and relaxation normally reserved for the countryside.

Hoshino Resorts Inc, which has launched the property today (July 20th), now has five of these resorts scattered across Japan.

Ryokans are typical inns with stunning Japanese design features, such as tatami mat floors, hot springs and delicious fresh seasonal cuisine.

They are usually found in scenic areas by the sea or in the mountains, but bringing the concept to Tokyo offers an oasis in the heart of a bustling city.

Hoshinoya Tokyo was designed by architect Rie Azuma, who has a longstanding relationship with the hospitality brand, having designed all of its ryokan resorts.

Bringing the concept to Tokyo has meant adapting traditional ryokan designs while maintaining the most important elements.

From the outside, the typical komon pattern latticework can be seen and once inside, the rooms and public areas have been set up with floor level relaxation in mind.

Guests can choose from a large south-facing Kiku room, the more modest Sakura option or a Yuri corner space.

The Otemachi hot springs and spa can be found on the 17th floor of the building and feature open roofs, so that guests have a view of the sky as they soak.

Food is an integral part of the ryokan experience, with traditional recipes and crockery being used throughout Hoshinoya Tokyo to remain true to the ritual.

While it will be up to the first guests to make their own mind up about the new resort, the company behind it insists that staff will provide a high level of service to match the surroundings.

The Hoshinoya Tokyo is in a handy location, as it’s just a short walk from Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace.

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