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Tuesday, 19th July 2016
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Japan is braced for launch of Pokemon Go

As Pokemon Go fever takes over the world, Japan has been left waiting for the app to be launched in the home of the franchise.

Up until now, would-be Pokemon hunters in the nation have been left frustrated, but according to those in the know, that is about to change.

It is thought that Pokemon Go will be unleashed on Japan tomorrow (July 20th), adding it to the list of more than 30 countries where the game can be played.

Pokemon Go is a collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic, neither of which have confirmed that the title will be available this week.

John Hanke, chief executive officer at Niantic, recently told Forbes that the reason for delaying the app’s launch in Japan is down to the infrastructure and ensuring it is ready.

After all, demand for Pokemon Go, which has already outstripped the likes of Twitter and Tinder for popularity, is likely to be very high in Japan.

It has therefore been necessary to ensure that the country’s servers are ready to cope with the additional usage.

Otherwise it could be even more frustrating for potential Japanese players who could get access to the app and then see it crash.

Another significant element of the release in Japan is that the first sponsored location will appear. This is something that is expected to be rolled out worldwide eventually.

TechCrunch reports that it is McDonald’s that has secured the deal for its 3,000-plus fast food outlets to become Pokemon gyms, where the monsters can battle. 

Sales of Pokemon-branded Happy Meals have already led to shares in the fast food chain rocketing, Bloomberg reports.

Its association with the franchise once the game is launched in Japan could be particularly lucrative.

Japan will be the first country in Asia to see Pokemon Go launched, with others expected to follow quickly in its wake.

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