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Wednesday, 29th June 2016
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Unreserved tours begin of Tokyo's Imperial Palace

There are some elements of sightseeing that need to be planned prior to travel and booking spots at the top attractions is among them.

Now, visitors to Tokyo need not be so organised, as they can explore the Imperial Palace on the same day as arranging a tour.

It has been announced by the Imperial Household Agency that same-day visits to part of the complex are now available.

Previously, just 300 people were granted access to the palace in any one day, but this is being upped to 500, with 300 of the entrants being same-day registrations.

Tours are set to be run twice a day from Tuesday to Saturday and last approximately 75 minutes each.

The only drawback is that the tours will only be given in Japanese to begin with, but there are plans in place to introduce other languages in the future.

Highlights of a trip to the palace include East Gardens, the Seimon Tetsubashi Bridge and the Imperial Household Agency building itself.

To qualify for same-day registration, visitors must fill in an application form and show some ID to officials.

With tours starting at 10am and 1.30pm, it will be best to get in as early as possible to guarantee a spot for the day.

Visitors should head to the Kikyomon Gate of the Imperial Palace, which is not far from Tokyo Station in order to register their interest.

It is not just the complex in Tokyo that is becoming easier to visit, but other sites relating to the imperial family across the whole of Japan too.

These include the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, which was once the capital of the country and is therefore full of fascinating historical attractions.

Kyoto’s palace has already opened to the public this year and is expected to follow in its counterpart’s footsteps in Tokyo with same-day registration to be introduced.

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