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Monday, 14th April 2008
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Japanese train companies 'ignoring' requests for men-only carriages

Train companies in Japan are not reacting to calls for men-only train carriages, it has been claimed.

According to a report by Japan's Weekly Playboy, despite the creation of women-only carriages in reaction to incidents of groping, train companies are not acting upon calls to create male-only equivalents.

The new segregated carriages have been requested so that men cannot be falsely accused of improper conduct towards female commuters.

"It's true we've received over 20 formal requests for the establishment of men's only carriages since [a] false accusation arrest," said a representative from the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau.

"We've been receiving requests for theses carriages for a long time now."

Two individuals in Osaka were recently placed under arrest by law enforcement officers, in relation to the crime of trying to frame a man for improperly touching a female passenger, according to a report by Mainichi Daily News.

A number of measures can be taken to prevent false accusations, according to Japan Probe, including holding train straps with both hands so that they can clearly be seen by other train passengers.