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Tuesday, 15th April 2008
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Japanese infant dies in car

An infant in Japan has died after being left unattended in a parked car.

Occurring in Kajiki in Kagoshima's Aira District, it has been reported that the child died after suffering from heat stroke - his mother was playing pachinko while the 19-month-old boy was left in the car - police have confirmed, reports Mainichi Daily News.

Individuals suffering from heat stroke are unable to cool themselves at a rate equal to or faster than the rate at which their body either heats itself or absorbs heat from an external source.

Today, the weather in the nearby Kagoshima is 23 degrees, according to the BBC.

"Pachinko is the most popular leisure activity in Japan and for some it is much more than mere recreation," said Mangaijin.

"Between 40 and 50 million people … play pachinko at least occasionally and as many as 30 million are avid players."

Although the mother had tried to place her child in a day care facility, she had been told it was full.