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Tuesday, 29th April 2008
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Ishii tearful after judo victory

Japanese judo star Satoshi Ishii was left tearful recently after winning a crucial event in qualifying for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Delighted after defeating the three-time All Japan Judo champion Keiji Suzuki, Ishii was emotional but suggested that he will try harder in future to win with a little more style, the International Herald Tribune reports.

He was able to take an early lead in the encounter with Suzuki, who was the defending champion, but thereafter he was content to run down the clock and fend off attacks from his opponent.

"I'm embarrassed for winning this way," he said. "I will try harder."

Meanwhile, Japan's 100 kg gold medalist at the Olympics in Sydney eight years ago Kosei Inoue was knocked out of the competition at the quarter final stage and he does not now expect to be heading to Beijing in August.

Now practiced worldwide, judo originated in Japan in the late 19th century and many of the country's representatives have picked up medals in recent Olympic Games.