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Friday, 4th September 2015
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New Japan tourism knowledge sharing site launched

A new website to help promote tourism in Japan has been launched, which offers users the chance to share hints and tips about travelling throughout the country.

Nippon Quest provides the perfect platform for those in the know to post about food, activities and services available in Japan.

Those who have never been to the nation or are planning a trip can use the site to find out the best hidden gems and there is even a search function to facilitate with this aim.

Hundreds of posts about regional specialities can be translated into a number of languages, so that users can make the most of their descriptions.

The site is still in an embryonic state, but its owners hope to improve the experience and see Nippon Quest grow into a valuable tool for travel planning.

A spokesman for Hakuhodo Inc, Nippon Quest's operator, told the Japan Times: "So far, you can only search the site by areas, but we're going to introduce a keyword search function."

Plans for this are afoot to come into place later on in September.

"By then, we'll also add something like Facebook’s 'like' button, which will allow us to tally scores for individual posts and rank them in order of popularity," he added.

At present, the majority of the posts are centred around food, which is an important part of Japanese culture and a wonderful way to become immersed in a destination.

Nippon Quest has the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which hopes the site will help visitors to Japan make the most of their stay.

So if you want the inside scoop on rice bowl menus from the Atsumi Peninsula in Tahara, Aichi Prefecture or to know what the Aizutajima Gion Festival in Fukushima will involve, the new site may be the place to look.

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