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Thursday, 1st May 2008
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Singer in Tokyo to launch new phone

American singer Leah Dizon was the star attraction at a Softbank Mobile promotional event at Omotesando this week.

Singer, model and actress, Dizon, 21, introduced the newly designed handsets which feature replaceable covers in a variety of Japanese-inspired traditional and contemporary designs, Japan Today reports.

Dizon is quoted by the publication as saying: "The covers are stylish and gorgeous - we do not have these patterns in the US, they are very rare."

While admitting she has yet to master eating sashimi since her move to Japan two years ago, Dizon did admit she does find Japanese men - who she called "gentle and strong" - to her taste.

Softbank Mobiles recently revealed that it intends to boost its stake in Chinese company Oak Pacific Interactive from 14 per cent to 40 per cent as part of its business expansion programme in the country.

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