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Tuesday, 13th May 2008
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Japanese melons reach new auction record

A pair of melons have fetched a record price at a recent auction in Japan, it has emerged.

According to reports by Mainichi Daily News, the melons went under the hammer for a total price of ¥2.5 million at the auction, which took place at the Sapporo City Central Wholesale Markets on May 13th.

The two melons weighed a total of 3.9 kilograms and attracted an initial starting price of ¥2 million for one set.

"I had expected Yubari melons would fetch a high price, but I didn't expect the figure to be this high," said a broker at the Sapporo City Central Wholesale Markets.

With a red flesh, Japan's Yubari melon is somewhat similar to the cantaloupe melon, according to Brett Bull of pripix.

"The presentation in the stores is always immaculate, nearly shrine-like. The melon is perched on a pedestal with green tissue paper," said Mr Bull.