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Monday, 19th January 2015
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Tokyo Disneyland holds Frozen parade

Tokyo Disneyl and has started holding Frozen-style parades in honour of the entertainment industry's latest film, which proved to be an exceptional hit in Japan, with people going to see it in the cinema in both English and Japanese.

Since Frozen hit our screens, it has been difficult to walk through Tokyo without hearing someone in a karaoke bar belting out the lyrics to Let It Go, the film's main anthem, sung by Idina Menzel in the original.

Disneyland has been quick to offer people what they want, with the Frozen parades happening twice daily and featuring the snow queen Elsa along with her sister Ana, snowman friend Olaf and other characters from the popular film.

Fans can also count on hearing their favourite songs and there will even be an opportunity to sing along to all of their favourite hits, such a For The First Time In Forever, Love is An Open Door and, of course, Let It Go.

The parade's inaugural incarnation yesterday (January 14th) even saw the local voice artists who dubbed the film in Japanese join in with proceedings. 

Disney enthusiasts will also be keen to get a photo of themselves along with an ice sculpture of the two female leads, created by a chef who works at a restaurant inside the park. The creation took two days to complete, said the creator, who has previously won competitions at the popular Sapporo Ice Festival.

Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy will run until March 20th so fans of the film had better book their tickets to Japan quickly if they want to experience this cultural phenomenon in all its glory.

Frozen topped Japanese cinema listings as the most popular film for an incredible 19 weeks, with the record-breaking streak continuing even after it had been released on DVD.