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Wednesday, 28th May 2008
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Japanese cat appointed as station manager

A Japanese railway firm has boosted profits thanks to a cat which it has appointed as a station manager.

Wakayama Electric Railway has seen its revenue increase by ten per cent since Tama the tabby cat took over at Kishi station in the west of Japan.

All staff at the station were laid off two years ago by the company, but Tama stayed on and became a big hit with passengers.

Quoted by the BBC, Wakayama spokesman Yoshiko Yamaki said: "She never complains, even though passengers touch her all over the place. She is an amazing cat. She has patience and charisma."

Last year the firm promoted her to station manager and the cat even wears a black cap when on duty.

Passengers have since been returning to the company's network, with Tama now enjoying national stardom.

She is given cat food instead of a salary and is based in a former ticket booth at the station, one of ten on the nine-mile line.