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Wednesday, 11th June 2008
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Japanese swimmers 'free to choose'

Japan's Olympic swimmers are now free to choose their own brand of swimwear, it has emerged.

According to reports, although initially restricted to products from Japanese manufacturers, the team is now permitted to choose any brand of swimwear, including the new LZR Racer suit from Speedo.

Permission was granted by the Japan Swimming Federation (JSF).

"Our basic thinking is that we want to produce the best possible results in Beijing," said Toshihiro Hayashi, president of the JSF, in a report by Reuters.

"We studied the issue from many angles and everyone has decided with one heart to give the swimmers the freedom to choose the swimsuits they want at the Olympics."

The team had been restricted to products from Asics, Mizuno or Descente.

Speedo have made a number of claims in relation to the LZR Racer suit, including the suggestion that it offers a drag-reduction of ten per cent and improves start, turn and sprint times by four per cent.