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Thursday, 12th June 2008
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Japanese model opens baseball game with first pitch

A well-known Japanese model has ceremonially opened a baseball game in Japan's capital on Sunday.

Tossing the first pitch, Akina Minami marked the event at Tokyo's Jingu Stadium by dressing up as Pikachu, one of the characters from the series Pokemon, reports Mainichi Daily News.

Born on May 19th 1989, Ms Akina has appeared in a number of different magazines, including Bomb and Sabre, according to JapanLoad.

"I'm not good at sports, so I practiced throwing the ball with my stylists. I'm glad the ball got to home base," said Ms Akina.

However, although she is reported to be an occasional spectator at baseball games in Japan, she is not that good at remembering the names of players.

"Yoshinobu (Takahashi of the Yomiuri Giants) is probably the only baseball player I know," she added.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri in the 1990s, Pokemon is owned by the Japanese firm Nintendo.