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Wednesday, 7th May 2014
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Narita Airport to get new capsule hotel

Those travelling to Tokyo's Narita Airport will soon be able to freshen up at a new capsule hotel opening in the transport hub's underground shopping centre, officials have announced.

Nine Hours, as the new accommodation provider is called, plans to open a facility capable of catering to 129 customers at any time, with 71 of the capsules reserved for men and 58 for women.

There will be a number of payment programmes available when the facility opens on July 20th. Those opting for an overnight stay before their flight can expect to pay 3,900 yen for the privilege, while a nap during the day costs 1,500 for the first hour and 500 yen for each additional hour.

Even the washrooms will be available to use for travellers simply wishing to freshen up - as long as they're prepared to pay the price. A shower costs 1,000 yen, although customers paying to sleep will not have to part with the additional cash.

Nine Hours will be open 24 hours a day - certainly an advantage for those businessmen getting off a flight at an unsociable hour with an early morning meeting to attend. Reservations can be made online.

Japan's famed capsule hotels are a part of the culture that many people wish to experience at least once before they leave, as the miniature sleeping areas are something rarely seen in other parts of the world.

Often used by Japanese businessmen who have enjoyed a night on the town and missed the last train home, they are generally inexpensive with shared washing facilities. However, the capsules themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some featuring additional features such as extra room, nightlights and sometimes even televisions.

Written by Mark Smith


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